The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is an Association, not a Foundation

We are not a foundation or just a simple forum of discussion. Together with our corporate and individual members, we build up a solid network of Swiss-Russian companies and professionals.

We are not a Foundation

According to several sources, a foundation is an organisation that makes grants to institutions or individuals for charitable purposes such as science, education, culture, and religion. The foundation collects funds for its contributors, take care of financing different projects and reports its results by creating reports.

At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, we support businesses and business development associations. Each member is subject to a membership (a door opener to advantages and new contacts). Only (potential) members and the SRCC team of experts are allowed to benefit from the network of the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce.

More than a network or a Forum

We ran lately several polls and interviews about the purpose of the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce. Of course, our members are interested in being part of a community. As a consequence, the Chamber organises webinars and events that are open to members (and sometimes to non-members as well).

However, our SRCC members are also looking for insights, white papers, reports and support for daily business. Therefore, we invest our time in further activites such as finding experts, digging into business topics and searching for suppliers. The memberships partially finances this work that doesn't generate immediate income for the Chamber.

We act as a consultancy. We bill as an association

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is registered as a non-progit association. Our team members invest (part of) their week days to help the Chamber grow.

Our billing strategy is clear: we charge the cost of sales as well as the cost of our work (preparation, performance, follow-up). Should the Chamber make outstanding benefits, these benefits are re-invested in the infrastructure, the development of the Chamber or the team structure.

Memberships fees are maintained at a reasonable level. Every business services we deliver is invoiced, based on the work performed.


Anna Kuzina
Operations management

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
Dufourstrasse 60
8000 Zurich


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