SRCC Annual Report 2022

In 2022, strategic insights will arise and determine the shape of our plans. For example, the price of energy and the search for qualified staff will have an impact on companies’ capacity to relaunch brands and projects. At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, we believe that our two esteemed countries have the chance to join forces and benefit from each others’ strengths and opportunities.

Identifying and leveraging the synergies between Switzerland and Russia must be accessible to all scales of business venture, from the most established of multinationals to the most ambitious of SMEs.

Swiss-Russian success stories are always based on solid interpersonal collaboration at the management level. If you ever traveled to Zurich or Moscow, you may have thought that these two business cultures initially appeared to be quite similar. In reality, newcomers to the Swiss-Russian community must develop a certain level of empathy and profound knowledge of their potential clients and suppliers. Once this understanding has been established, successful business relationships can emerge in a very reliable and friendly environment. The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce creates durable business relationships and robust communication channels.

In publishing the SRCC Annual report 2022, the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce sets course towards these two horizons, by showcasing dependable SMEs, business leaders and agencies with a Swiss-Russian background. The Chamber highlights the expertise and track record of potential clients and suppliers who are ready to develop projects between both countries.

In this brochure, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Chamber and its members. You will note that all activities are exclusively dedicated to the development of our network and the creation of strong lead generation channels. The number and quality of our contacts and leads are our only long-term KPIs.

The Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce is fully financed from membership fees and the support of official administrations and business development agencies. We would like therefore to thank the main sponsor of this initiative: Leo Trust Switzerland AG.


Svetlana Chiriaeva

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
Dufourstrasse 60
8000 Zurich


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