Statement of the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce on the situation in Ukraine

We are both shocked and deeply saddened by the human suffering and the disastrous overall situation in the Ukraine following the invasion of the Russian army and by the unpredictable consequences which they will have on the people and the economy.

Keeping our focus on our members as well as on our partners in the Ukraine and in Russia, we express our steadfast support to all persons and civilian commercial entities which oppose war.

As an independent Swiss association dedicated to the promotion of the economy as well as to acting as a bridge between both countries, we reaffirm our commitment to our members, who consist of small and medium sized companies, in this most difficult of situations, as well as our role as a source of advice and counseling during periods of crisis.

We are monitoring the situation and are available to answer any questions on the topic of the future of our economic relations.

The chamber of commerce proceeds in it's missions and will keep you informed about our upcoming events.


Svetlana Chiriaeva

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
Dufourstrasse 60
8000 Zurich