Business Trip to Georgia

Business trip

from 00:00 (CET)
Georgia, Batumi
Event language: EN / RU
CHF 1990,- for non-members
CHF 1700,- for members

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce offers a business trip to Tbilisi and Batumi (the administrative centre of Ajara's autonomous Republic within Georgia).

Check out the presentation about Georgia:Business mission to Georgia.

Purpose of the visit

1. Show participants the latest economic developments in Georgia and explore opportunities for cooperation in the following sectors:

  • Tourism - Hospitality & Real Estate Sector:
    • Ski resorts
    • Hotel resorts
    • Health resorts
  • Energy - renewable and green technologies:
    • 78% of total electricity is generated from Hydro Power Plants
    • Wind potential of Georgia is estimated at 4 TWh
    • Investment opportunities in solar power, geothermal power, biomass power
  • Construction:
    • More than half mln. m2 construction area
    • Construction Permit is issued in 30 days maximum
    • Favorable trade regimes and tax incentives
  • Agriculture:
    • Ecologically clean, fertile soil and diverse climate conditions
    • 45% of population lives in villages and is engaged in agriculture
    • Favorable trade regimes and tax incentives
  • Investment opportunities (also for Russian funds available):
    • Low-budget (until 10 million GEL)
    • Mid-budget (10-50 million GEL)
    • Big-budget projects (1 billion GEL)
  • Manufacturing
  • 2. Help participants establish business contacts and interact with key decision makers. Explore new markets for new business ideas & expansion.

    3. Provide participants with the necessary information to evaluate a possible entry into the Georgian market.

    4. Experience new culture for new inspirations.Try amazing Georgian cuisine and wine.

    Why Georgia

  • 9th fastest growing economy in the world (forecast of the International Monetary Fund, published on October 11, 2022)
  • 7th easiest country to do business (World Bank's Easy of Doing Business Report 2020)
  • Neutral policy - abstained from EU/US sanctions
  • Georgia - EU Association Agreement
  • Free Trade Agreement with EFTA countries
  • Important transport and logistics destination in the region, where cargo turnover has especially increased since the beginning of a difficult geopolitical situation
  • Well connected and easily accessible location: Strategic geographical location connecting several important economic regions including the European Union, CIS Countries, Turkey and the Caucasus Region
  • Visa free - 98 countries incl. Switzerland
  • Why Ajara

    Ajara is an Autonomous Republic within Georgia. The administrative center of Ajara is Batumi. Batumi is one of the fastest developing cities in Georgia.It is a bridge between Europe and Asia. Batumi is situated in the western parts of Trans-Caucasia between the Black and Caspian Seas, on the crossroads of the ancient Silk Road that connected Asia and Europe.

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