Wealth Management and Asset Protection in the new Global Tax Environment

Webinar • 29.06.2021
Event language: en/ru (simultaneous translation)

The Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce would like to thank everyone who participated in the online webinar "Wealth Management and Asset Protection in the new Global Tax Environment", yesterday, 29 June . 

The webinar was organised by a member of the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce - Swiss financial company Leo Trust Switzerland AG.

In this webinar, six experts in the field of wealth management will guide you through specific insights related to estate planning and asset protection, trusts and foundations, classical structures used in estate planning, corporate services and asset protection structures based on a practical case study with savvy take-aways for private and corporate individuals.The webinar was joined by a large number of attendees from Switzerland, Russia, France, Italy, UAE, amongst whom particular interest was expressed by law firms, family offices, banks, consultants and private individuals interested in innovative investment strategies in asset management; investment and financial advisory, including the cryptocurrency market.

Svetlana Chiriaeva, president of the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce (SRCC), stressed that the chamber attaches great importance to equal relations between Switzerland and Russia, namely, it supports equally the interests of both Russian and Swiss businesses and, above all, the interests of the chamber members.
"Our chamber has both Swiss and Russian members. This allows, firstly, for equal communication, and secondly, we are as a chamber, closely communicating with one another, know their interests better than anyone else, see points of contact and possibilities of mutually beneficial co-operation, and at the same time have intercultural and linguistic competence, which is important for building the right communication and for mutual understanding." explained Svetlana Chiriaeva.

The Chamber not only provides various services in the sphere of law and tax legislation, assistance in market entry, export and recruitment but also touches upon the fields of education and health. At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum a delegation of the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce took an active part in the sessions of the "Healthy Society" platform. A member of the Chamber's delegation, Prof. Dr. med. Robert Steffen the Russian Minister of Health, Mikhail Murashko , WHO Director Tedros Adhanom , Kirill Dmitriev the RDIF and others discussed the prevention measures to combat Covid and other infections. SRCC signed a cooperation agreement with the RosCongress Foundation and was interviewed by Radio Sputnik regarding the Putin-Biden meeting in Geneva (интервью по ссылке). The interview was published in various international sources.

The President of the SRCC also congratulated the Swiss football team for the historic event of reaching the quarterfinals of the EURO 2020 European Championship.

Ms. Maria-Anna Lammley, Partner, Leo Trust Switzerland AG in her welcoming speech, thanked the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce for the opportunity to co-host the webinar and mentioned the previously held successful webinars with the Chamber.

Mr. Dimitar Jauch, CEO, Leo Trust Switzerland AG and Mr. Norbert Nemeth, Nemeth Trusted Advisors Vermögensverwaltung AG  spoke about "Wealth management".Mr. Norbert Nemeth  talked about the need to take risks or otherwise to use sophisticated approaches in investments and all that the cryptocurrency market offers in order to generate high returns.

Dr. Roderik J. P. Strobl, Relationship Manager Key Clients, Leo Trust Switzerland AG  gave a presentation on "Trusts and foundations, classical structures, introduction of small case studies, proposed structure" and on the structure of trusts, which are divided into revocable, irrevocable, fixed, irrevocable discretionary. Also, foundations, which can be family, charitable or hybrid (family charitable).

Ms Hanna Izdebska, COO, Leo Trust Switzerland AG presented on "Corporate services" and capital management opportunities in offshore jurisdictions (Tax haven) with a preferential or zero tax regime. She gave an example of the most attractive countries for holding assets. For example, companies located in Cyprus receive a 50% reduction in tax rates. It is also easy to open a company and a bank account in the British Virgin Islands, where the advantage of asset management is zero sales tax.

Senator h.c. Prof. Dr. iur. Joerg Wilhelm, Legal counsel, Trusted Advisors, in his speech "Asset protection with holding companies and advantages" detailed the ways, levels and tools of asset protection. He gave an example of the convenience of setting up funds and their flexible structure in Abu Dhabi, which gives entrepreneurs a high level of security in managing their assets.
"Ownership in Abu Dhabi cannot be transferred to anyone, even if a German or Swiss court rules, it cannot be enforced in Abu Dhabi and therefore the assets remain safe," explained Senator h.c. Prof. Dr. iur. Joerg Wilhelm.

Mr. Alexandre Touihri, Head of Key Client Communications, Leo Trust Switzerland AG, with the topic "Private clients such as relocation, crypto, lifestyle health and other topics of interest" spoke about asset protection funds for private clients, the legal aspects when relocating a business to another country, and how one can minimise the risks in the cryptocurrency industry by following certain rules.

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