Startup Club of Business Russia: export-oriented IT projects

Webinar • 09.11.2021
Event language: EN / RU (simultaneous translation)

On November 9, Business Russia and the Center for Entrepreneurship held the Startup Club dedicated to export-oriented IT projects. The event took place within Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021.

Ani Oganesyan, Ph.D., international projects lead at GenerationS corporate accelerator, head of international partnerships within Global Partners Program, participated as moderator.

The participants presented six projects.

“AB Technology” – video services management platform for creating cameras with built-in AI based on open hardware platforms

The company, represented by Alexey Likharev, develops software for corporate customers in the field of video analytics using AI. The main advantage of the introduction of AI, according to the speaker, is stability and performance, as well as the cost of operation. Alexey presented two products: software for real-time video analytics on board smart cameras and carrier-grade server software for creating secure geographically distributed projects with complex video analytics using multiple cameras and recordings for any period at the same time. The project team is looking for additional funding in the form of grants or investments.

“RADAR” – platform for collecting and processing location and audience profiles DATA (geolocation)

Alexey Khainovsky presented a platform for measuring and analyzing outdoor advertising based on location data and audience profiles. It can be used to assess the effectiveness of outdoor advertising, its targeted placement, the cost of an attracted client and the economic potential of a retail outlet. The speaker emphasized that the market has a demand for such a product, and the pandemic revealed the need for prompt and accurate data on audience volumes at a point in time.

“Intellect dialog” – comprehensive hybrid AI platform for messenger marketing that automates interaction with leads in conjunction with marketing services, analytics and data accounting systems, CRM

Viktor Komarov made a presentation on a platform that allows businesses successfully communicate with clients in all popular messengers, at all stages of their life cycle - from attraction and sales to collecting feedback and providing support. This platform is already used by many large companies in Russia, and now the project is aimed at scaling not only in the Russian market, but also in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, as well as entering Brazil, the UAE and India.

“Statanly Technologies” – service that allows you to automatically create predictive or recommendation models

Sergey Fedorov spoke about a company that develops business solutions based on machine learning and computer vision. Among its products are industrial safety systems, predicting customer churn, text analysis, sales conversion, as well as recognizing inscriptions, calculating, and determining the characteristics of an object (size, type, shape, color) and distance. The project team is interested in new contacts, joint projects, and investments to enter international markets.

iROM digital twin of the enterprise – platform for accelerated creation of an integrated process model of an enterprise that reflects the structure and dynamics of the operational activities of personnel, equipment, machines, and robots

Alexander Kolosov presented a platform that solves the problem of continuous efficiency improvement. It creates an enterprise “process twin” that can help identify ways to improve efficiency and productivity. The project is aimed at government organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as divisions of large companies. According to the speaker, iROM creates an enterprise model 10 times faster and hundreds of times cheaper than competitors.

“Flex Matching” – smart data matching system

Petr Chekunaev made a presentation on a technological platform that helps to build interaction between many information systems. The solution has already been tested in an industrial environment - it is used by several large companies. The project team is interested in new partners, clients and scaling the project to new markets.

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