Italian restaurant franchise - Premium class

The new restaurant should be opened in Moscow on franchise terms. It is also possible to open restaurant(s) of this brand in other big cities of Russia – to be discussed with the brand owner under separate cover.

  • Location: Moscow
  • Investment: EUR 100.000,-

Restaurant in Moscow / Russia

The restaurant in Moscow must be located in the first line, in a vivid and dynamic surrounding, easily accessible by walk and transport, a parking slot is a preferable option, separate entrance. It is possible to locate the restaurant in a five star hotel, or a top level business / multifunction center. Ground floor is a preferable option, other options – to be discussed with the brand owner on i ndividual basis.

Expected capacity of the restaurant – at least 150 seats.

According to the project the restaurant in Moscow / Russia will serve only dishes qualifying as top quality gastronomic Italian cuisine.

There is a draft menu. Average invoice at day time (without drinks) is around EUR 50-80 per capita. Average invoice in the evening (with beverages including spirits) is around EUR 150 – 200 per capita. The brand owner admits the possibility to adjust pricing at a later stage.

Certain menu positions shall be available for take-away / delivery / business lunchset. There is a list of product suppliers approved by the Italian brand. The general concept of the interior design of the restaurant hall and other premises, interior solutions hav been developed.

The list of contractors, technical content & equipment, furniture, cutlery, tableware textiles and furnishings – to be discussed and agreed by the brand owner and the investor.

The brand owner has the right to require that the investor complies with the unifiedconcept of design andstyle of all restaurants of this brand.

Franchising terms

Entry fee – EUR 100 000 (subject to discussion). No exclusivity is granted. Royalty – 3 - 4,5% of annual turnover. The exact rate to be discussed on individual basis.

Gradual rate decrease is possible in certain cases - to be discussed.

Cost recovery – apprx. 24 months. Investment amount – at least EUR 450 000.

The brand owner provides marketing and information support, assigns a group of consultants and a personal manager to solve any related issues, legal assistance is an option. The brand owner’s experts may come and help with the opening. The investor's staff is trained.

As soon as the contract is signed, the group of consultants will advise the investor on all issues related to the opening and operation of the restaurant, including full-scope compliance, andwill consult on achieving planned profitability.

What is covered by royalty

The brand owner reserves the right to increase or reduce the list of services & support covered by royalty fees, i.e. not involving any additional payment from the investor. The final list of services and support will be agreed with the investor at the stage o negotiating and drafting the contract.

Additional supportа

The brand owner will provide his own chef andsous-chef.

The brand owner may also provide a technical and dining hall manager and is ready to advise on staff search and enrollment, including the kitchen staff, reception staff and hall staff.

The brand owner is ready to consider engaging world famous brands and fashion groups for interior design and refurbishment of the restaurant.

What else the investor may count on

Performance monitoring

  • At least once in a quarter the brand owner experts shall make a regulatory and technical survey of the restaurant.
  • The survey is carried out according to the brand owner’s internal policyand program.
  • 250 parameters of the restaurant performance are analyzed and assessed.
  • As a result, the investor gets a clear, grounded and comprehensive performance report.

Location check

  • Advising in location search, mandatoryvisual approval of the location selected.
  • Legal assistance in lease agreement and lease related matters.
  • Negotiation support indealing with the landlord.
  • Advising on design and project of the service spaces and technical premises.

НR-support and consulting on the following matters

  • Restaurant organization chart / structure.
  • Internal bylaws, policies, labor & employment docs.
  • Qualification requirements and staff incentives.
  • Staff look and image.
  • Training of the investor’s key personnel in operating restaurant.
  • Briefing andtraining materials for line personnel and front staff.
  • Monitoring linepersonnel andkey staff performance after opening of the restaurant

Management support and consultingin the following matters

  • Working out an individual business case: budget and financial model.
  • Step-by-step support on each stage of openingand running the restaurant.
  • Access to key knowledge and standards database of the Italian brand.
  • Customization of technological processes.
  • Kitchen and hall administration.
  • Corporate discounts offered by suppliers.
  • Participation of start-up team of the brand owner to check the opening readiness.