Do you want to serve the Russian market, but are unsure of where to begin? Opening your first office in Moscow gives your business the best possibility to present itself to the entirety of Russian society and commerce, while also affording the best access to legal, cultural and administration services. Entrepreneurs who choose Moscow as the beginning of their journey in the Russian economy are the quickest to secure their foothold and begin climbing.

Moscow, the chromosome of a megalopolis:

  • 20 million daily commuters
  • 1 million small and medium-sized enterprises
  • 40 dedicated business parks, a.k.a. technoparks
  • 25% of the GDP of the entire country
  • 30% of all scientific institutes
  • 80% of the Russian financial system
  • 40% of all trade transactions concerning Russia

Moscow serves the entirety of Eurasia with

  • 9 railway stations,
  • 4 international airports and
  • 3 freight river terminals

The business-friendliest of governments

Individuals with more than a year of residence in the capital are considered citizens and therefore qualify for economic subsidies. All processes and interactions with the government, including investments, direct support and tax incentives, have been largely streamlined, with the majority of services available online. While Moscow online is fully modernized, entrepreneurs are aware of the major importance of their terrestrial community and neighborhood. The government therefore actively helps newcomers place their office in the most pertinent business park.

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