SRCC Candidate pool

Are you looking for your next employee? We have made a selection of active job seekers within the SRCC community.

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce

At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, we are continually in touch with active job seekers within our SRCC network. These candidates are members of our community or in direct contact with our SRCC network (ex: family member).

Candidate profiles

In order to provide you with a relevant selection of candidate profiles, our team takes the time to understand the situation of each job seeker. We create a short description based on the information provided by the candidate and publish it on the SRCC website.

In the greatest majority of the cases, these candidates have work experience or skills related to Switzerland and Russia. They are looking for job opportunities professional areas such as: Sales / Marketing, Accounting / Finance, Financial services / Investment, IT / Digital , Logistics / Procurement, Administration / Personal assistants, ...

Process and potential costs

Are you interested in one of our SRCC candidate profile? If so, please send us a request via email or give us a quick call. We will be happy to provide you with the relevant profile and organise a first interview round. Should you need a place to meet, our SRCC meeting room in Zurich is at your disposal.

If you hire one of our SRCC candidate, you will be entitled to the payment of a fixed recruitment fee. An invoice will be issued as soon as the work contract is signed between the employer and the candidate. Should the candidate be fired or leave during the trial period, a reimbursement of 50% is foreseen.

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