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Looking for your next professional challenge? Start searching for companies that offer job opportunities within the Swiss-Russian work environment

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
chf 250,-
chf 0,- for SRCC members

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce does not act as a recruitment agency. However, we come accross job openings and recruitment needs on a regular basis. Our community of members is very dynamic and needs staff to support their growth.

Our ambition: Connect job seekers with employers that offer a Swiss-Russian work environment (ex: business culture, languages, colleagues, stakeholders). As soon as the connection is established, we let both parties go through the recruitment process on their own.


In order to provide with the most relevent spport, one of our SRCC team member will spend an hour with you (face-to-face in Zurich or video call). During this meeting, we will discuss your profile in details.

  • General update about your current situation
  • Your work experience and skills (ex: languages)
  • Your application (CV, cover letter, certificates)
  • Your aspitations (job & responsibilities, compensation, work environment)
  • Potential employers (do they belong to the SRCC network?)

Communication and networking

The SRCC team does its best to communicate about its network of jobseekers by activating the following tools:

  • Top Candidates section on the SRCC website. We gather short descriptions of all jobseekers in our network. These profiles remain anonymous.
  • Newsletter sent to all employers on a monthly basis
  • Direct approach of potential employers (if they belong to our first level of contacts, up to 5 employers)
  • If you are not a member yet, this service will automatically qualitfy you as a member. You will have access to all our events.

Request management and follow-up

As soon as a company shows interest in your profile, we will check that the requests matches your requirments and aspirations. if so, our team will contact you and get your approval before sending your full application to our business contact.

Our "active" recruitment support stops here. The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce does not act as a recruitment consultancy.
However, considering that you become a member of the SRCC community, you have the possibilty to contact us anytime and benefit from a "passive" support. Our team will be happy to discuss your situation and provide you with tips and advice. We won't let you down.

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