Webinar Marketing

Your company will launch a new product or a new service in the coming weeks? The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce organises webinars with its community in Russia and Switzerland.

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
chf 2950,-
chf 2450,- for SRCC members

Practical details

  • Moderator: SRCC team
  • Language: German, Russian or English (possibility to organise simultaneous translation with a professional translator)
  • Duration: 60 - 90 minutes
  • Location: online platform of the SRCC (Zoom)
  • Registration and engagement process via the SRCC website / email engine
  • Recording of the video, distribution of the video via the SRCC YouTube channel


  • Briefing with the SRCC team (topic, content, moderator, speakers, practical details)
  • Search for a "Champion" from Switzerland or Russia in order increase the reach and the engagement. This presence should not generate additional costs.
  • Creation of the concept / programm / email invitation
  • Management of the webinar itself
  • Creation of an event report

Promotion of the Webinar

  • Email invitation send to our community (members and non-members (4000+ contacts and 1500+ organisations)
  • Webinar promotion campaign via LinkedIn (organic and/or sponsored, depending on the size of the target audience)
  • Promotion of the event report and video via email and LinkedIn
  • Company's name and logo present in all marketing assets (email, posts, video...)

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