SRCC Annual report 2023

The Chamber publishes its yearly report with a selection of articles, a selection of products and information about its corporate members.
An online version of the report will be sent to the whole SRCC Community (5.000+ contacts) via email and free download by January 31rd 2022.

Content plan

  • Introduction:
    — Edito from an opinion leader (business leader)
    — Few words from our President, Svetlana Chiriaeva
  • About the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce (+/- 2 pages):
    — About the Chamber
    — Achievements 2023
    — Expectations for 2023
  • Business news and insights in the form of articles (+/- 4 pages)
    — Market insights
    — Business trends
    — Business opportunities
    — Business environment (tax, legal, politics, sanctions)
  • Success stories in the form of articles (+/- 4 pages)
    — New types of business in / between Switzerland or Russia
    — Import / Export stories
    — Business challenges successfully closed
    — Relocation / Outsourcing
  • SRCC Calendar 2023 & Sponsoring opportunities (+/- 2 pages)
  • SRCC Premium members (1 page per member)
  • SRCC Standard members (All logos on the same page)

Premium sponsoring

  • Your logo on the front page of the brochure
  • Your logo and/or name in all our online communications (ex: email)
  • Your logo and/or name in our social media communiction (ex: LinkedIn & Facebook, +/- 1.000 views)
  • Your logo on our homepage together with a link to the online brochure for at least 1 month (+/- 1.000 visitors per month)
  • Your page of advertisment with a premium position in the brochure (inside cover or back page)
  • The possibility to take part to the Edito in any form (depending on your capacity to deliver content)
  • In Switzerland, the brochure will be printed and sent out to a selection of partners (ex: members, speakers) and distributed during our afterwork meetings and other events (audience: +/- 200 participants)
  • The brochure will be distributed online to all our subscribers, mainly in Switzerland (2000+) and Russia (4000+), but also in other countries.
  • Cost: CHF 4.000,-

Other sponsoring opportunities

  • Advertisment (content provided by the sponsor):
    — Full page for standard members: CHF 550,- / CHF 700,- for non-members
    — Half page for standard members: CHF 350,- / CHF 500,- for non-members
  • Flyer added to every brochure printed (focus on Switzerland): CHF 750,-