The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation with headquarters in Zurich. As a consequence, we depend on volunteers to help run projects, raise funds or organize events.

If you are ready to invest few hours a week or a month in our project, feel free to get in touch

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce
is a great place to volunteer

Our association is growing on a daily basis, by winning new contacts or developing new projects. On a daily basis, we act like a startup. In other words, we have innovative and ambitious projects that require hard skills and a positive mindset.

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is looking for professionals that could overtake a specific topic or help us for an unique event or action. We are open to any assistance coming from contacts located in Switzerland or in Russia. Most of the tasks can be performed remotely.

At the moment, we are especially looking for volunteers with the following skills.




Social media


Photo / Video

Web / Digital



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