SRCC Members: The Cornerstone of our Development

Our members enable our growth. Membership fees from individuals and companies are responsible for our continuing development. As a non-profit organisation, we completely finance our own structure and tools. Every subscription increases our means to hire staff and enact ambitious projects. All our activities are exclusively dedicated to the development of our community and the creation of business connections between Swiss-based and Russian-based professionals.

Membership for Companies: Choose the right membership for your business

What do you expect from the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce? Do you mostly want to network? Are you looking for business partners or generate qualified leads? Depending on your situation, one of the following membership will help you reach your goals.

Active networking & Visibility

Grow your business & help us grow


Membership for Individuals: Be part of the SRCC community

At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce we value personal relationships and concrete benefits for individuals. We have develop a memberships for individuals and small entrepreneurs.

Let us help you get in touch with the Swiss-Russian community. We strive to create interactions that would lead to fruitful discussions, business contacts and career opportunities. If you want to be part of the SRCC network, the membership will speed-up the process.

Standard Membership
Networking & job search

A Look Back on Our Achievements