Why being a member at the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce

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Source of information

Should an important information be released about business relations between Switzerland and Russia, we always keep an eye on it. General information is shared with members and non-members (ex: Covid-19 updates). However, industry specific news are only distributed to our members per mail or over the phone. On top of that, if a member wants to double check a piece of information, we activate our netwwork and make our best to get reliable insights.

Consulting & Day-to-day business

Do you need tips and advice about the development of businesses in Russia or Switzerland? At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, we qualify each request coming from our members and provide a first consultation. In other words, we analyse your issue and understand whether the Chamber or one of our partner may support you. The team manages all kind of requests, including business and private topics.


At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce, we develop business relationships between our contacts coming from Russia and Switzerland. Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, we limited our activities to online events. However, as soon as the authorities will allow it, we will organise again meetings in person (especially in Zurich). Online events are mostly open to members and non-members. However, on the other side, offline events are only open to members or require the payment of an entrance fee.

On top of that, if one of our members wants to get in touch with another member, we are always delighted to create a new connection.

Lobbying & Representation

Over the years, the Chamber had the chance to get in touch with opinion leaders working for public institutions or renowned businesses. They help us defend the interest of our community and more specifically the interest of our members.

Business development

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce invests in the development of its communication channels and B2B lead generation campaigns. Our aim: generate business requests for our network of members by being the most renowned marketplace for Swiss-Russian business relationships. A part of each membership is dedicated to the activation of the most relevant channels such as the SRCC website.

With our membership, you will also increase the visibility of your business

  • Logo published on our website
  • Landing page about your company
  • Possibility to publish one advertisment about a service or a project
  • Information about your subscription sent to the whole community
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Membership for individuals

At the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce we value personal relationships and concrete benefits for individuals. We have develop a memberships for individuals and small entrepreneurs that include:

  • Free consultation for day-to-day issues (ex: visa)
  • Preferred rates for our featured services
  • Connection to business leaders and officials
  • Invitation to all events with preferred rates
  • For job seekers, the poosibility to publish your profile on our website
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