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Project Coordinator

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations (University of St. Gallen and University of Geneva)
  • Experience: 1+ year of professional experience in international organizations and 3+ years of professional experience in economic institutions. Passionate about project management in the fields of cultural projects, trade relations, economic development and suchlike. Strong flair for international relations with a focus on Swiss-Russian interactions. Very good communication and organizational skills.
  • IT skills: MS Office, WordPress, Photoshop
  • Languages: German, Russian, English, French
  • Mobility: Switzerland, ready to travel (Swiss & Russian citizen)
  • Salary: CHF 80.0000/year

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Business Development & Marketing Specialist

  • Education: PhD in international politics and history
  • Experience: 10+ years of experience in international project management and research for official Swiss institutions and universities (DACH, Israel, Slovenia). Strong focus on projects, communications, event management, fundraising and relationship management. Very good presentation and communication skills (also in front of a bigger audience).
  • IT skills: MS Office
  • Languages: German, English, French, Russian
  • Mobility: Switzerland, ready to travel
  • Salary: CHF 80.0000/year + bonus

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Project Management Specialist

  • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism (Chelyabinsk State University, Russia); further education: People-Oriented Computing, Microeconomics, Business Administration, Informatics and Economics (University of Zürich).
  • Experience: 2+ years of professional experience of project & communications management for international organizations in Switzerland and Russia. Willingness to work togehter with customers in an international and dynamic environment. Ability to work with government officials and foreign companies.
  • IT skills: MS Office, WordPress, Canva, Adobe Premiere Pro, administration tool phpMyAdmin
  • Languages: Russian, German, English
  • Mobility: Switzerland (permit B)
  • Salary: CHF 85.000/year

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Business Development Manager

  • Education: Master of Arts, University of Zurich
  • Experience: 25+ years of experience as Business Development Manager for international corporations and SMEs in Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Russia. Solid network and portfolio of B2B abd B2C accounts. Ability to manage VIP clients (100+ Mio of assets).
  • IT skills: MS office
  • Languages: German, Russian, English
  • Mobility: Zurich +1h, ready to travel in Eastern Europe and Russia
  • Salary: CHF 110.000/year + bonus

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Sales Engineer

  • Education: Master's & Bachelor's Degrees in Aerospace Engineering
  • Experience: 18 years experience in the domains of Software Development, Fluid Dynamics, Structural Engineering, Railway Infrastructure & Fluid Processing. Hands-on commissioning of valves and plants. Simulation & design of industrial fluid processes
  • IT skills: C++, Java, C#, CAD, MS Office
  • Languages: English, Russian, German, Dutch, Romanian, French
  • Mobility: Bern +1h (Permit C), ready to travel (up to 50%)
  • Salary: CHF 130.000/year

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Business Development Manager and Commercial Expert

    Expert in sales and purchasing, trading, supply chain control and relationships management

  • Education: Bachelor Degree, International Agribusiness Management, The Netherlands
  • Experience: Trader with 15 years of experience, have worked for mid and big size companies in The Netherlands and Switzerland. Specialized within CIS Markets with wide knowledge through the global scope. Managed $50mln+ budget.
  • IT skills: MS office, Navision, Dycotrade
  • Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Dutch
  • Mobility: Switzerland, open to frequent traveling, permit C
  • Salary: CHF 130.000/year

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