International Trade fairs in Russia

Success in the global marketplace implies not only promoting specific products but also strategically developing the business. Industry-specific trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to do just that.

Trade shows give us specific insights into current trends, emerging technologies and competitors. Participation in workshops and panel debates give us a bigger picture while also testing the relevancy of our chosen business strategies. Finding and bonding with new contacts can prove to be a real game changer for our expansion plans.

When entering a new market, the first logical and necessary step is to attend a relevant trade fair in the target country.

In the case of the Russian market, numerous international exhibitions are routinely held in major Russian cities concerning all economic domains.

Restrictions due the pandemic were temporary and impacted primarily the sizes of stands and the lists of foreign attendees. Trade shows held in 2021 had fewer foreign attendees and smaller budgets for stands.

Another advantage of trade shows is that they attract attendees from a large geographic region onto one site. This reduces the expense associated with finding and reaching new contacts over vast distances. For example, trade shows in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar and Kazan attract pertinent leads from all over the CIS.

Non-Russian companies which visit Russian trade shows in person often benefit from local business consultants, assigned to their companies and acting as linguistic interpreters, advisors and facilitators during negotiations.

Travel restrictions during the pandemic temporarily transformed the process of trade show participation for foreign companies, involving local business agents who attended the exhibitions themselves, collected pertinent information, negotiated with exhibitors, prospected for leads and organized live video conferences between local and foreign contacts.

Attending trade shows in Russia does not necessitate large travel budgets or large organizational times. Tasks, schedules and objectives can be agreed upon shortly before the start of the trade shows.


Oxana Makhmutova




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