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The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce has the ambition to grow together with its members, located in Switzerland and Russia. In other words, our agenda and our strategy is driven by the requests generated from our network. The Chamber positions itself as a facilitator and a solid source of information, business partners or even qualified leads.

How we can support you

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organisation that helps develop commercial relationships between swiss-based and russian-based organisations.

With headquarters in Zurich, our team supports global corporations and SMEs by offering a wide range of tailor-made business services. On top of that, the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce provides its network with shortlists of preferred suppliers and business contacts.

Should our members need any kind of operational assistance – from project management until the representation their local entities towards official institutions – the Chamber is there to advise and support. With over 10 years experience in managing Swiss Russian commercial development projects, our team is able to drive key business.

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How we develop our Swiss-Russian network of partners

The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce collaborates with other chambers of commerce and business development hubs. Since the creation of our association, our team is looking for the most relevant business networks on both Swiss and Russian side.

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Our membership is a “door opener”

  • Source of information
  • Consulting & Day-to-day business
  • Networking
  • Lobbying & Representation
  • Business development
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We provide you with tailor-made business services

Our teams supports global corporations and SMEs by offering tailor-made business services, taking into account the specificities of both Swiss and Russian market.

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Dr. Dieter Neupert

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Projektleiterin Kommunikation

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