Penza actively attracts and retains foreign investment, with successful cooperation with well-known brands including Felix Schoeller Gruppe, Hochland, Olam International, Aviagen, Agsen, Sucden and Damate.

Investors in the region remark that the business environment nurtures successful investments of various scales throughout the oblast.

The Penza Region Development Corporation supports investors at all project stages from initialization to completion. This support includes the search for land and premises, construction of and connection to engineering infrastructure, and the provision of subsidies and tax benefits, within the framework of current legislation, including property tax, taxes on profits, and taxes on transportation.

A large potential for cooperation between the business communities of Penza oblast and Switzerland exists, which can be implemented in various ways, including technological cooperations, localizations and joint ventures.

Industrial production

The industrial specialization of Penza focuses on the production of a wide range of equipment for the basic national economic sectors, including energy, transport, natural resources and mechanical engineering.

Product sectors under active development in Penza include instruments, medical products, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, chemicals, and paper, pulp and woodworking


Recent years have shown steady growth in the Penza region of its agricultural industry, the latter being a driver of the region’s economy and being the largest contributor to the economy behind only industrial production.

Penza’s climate and environment permit specializing in the production of grains, sunflowers, sugar beets, as well as livestock and dairy. Over 300 specialized enterprises in the region actively develop the diversified food and processing segment.

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