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The Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce is approached on a regular basis by investors and entrepreneurs looking for reliable and ambitious partners. Let us find the right one together!

Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce


In order to create the best selection of investors or business partners, our SRCC team activates 3 main sourcing channels:

  • Direct approach: we get in touch directly with fund managers, family offices, business angels, private investors or entrepreneurs in our Swiss-Russian network. Direct approach includes:
    • Identification of potential investors or business partners
    • Targeted communication within our Swiss-Russian community
    • 1 : 1 communication with a selection of members (phone, coffee, lunch)
    • Presentation of your investment opportunity at a higher level
  • Creation of a lead generation / Communication campaign [More information]
  • Promotion and organisation of a webinar [More information]

Selection process

Each potentiel business partner or investor is going though a selection process including:

  • Organisation of an interview (face to face or over the phone)
  • Qualification of the request (type of contact, funding, ...)
  • Confirmation of the interest by presenting your project (high level)

As soon as the shortlist is valiated, the Chamber takes care of the signature of NDA agreements and the organisation of meeting with the final client. We will have a deeper look at the application of the final canidate by double-checking the interest and taking references.


Depending on the complexity of the project, the Swiss Russian Chamber of Commerce applies different models. In general we work as follows:

  • Direct approach: retainer fee (1/3 of the final fee)
  • Lead generation / Communication: CHF 2.950,-
  • Webinar marketing: CHF 2.950,-
  • Selection of 3-5 contacts: shortlist fee (1/3 of the final fee)
  • Closure of the project: success fee (1/3 of the final fee)

Should you need to travel during the process, the Chamber offers its assistance in terms of visa and accomodation. The conditions are defined on request.

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